About Us

“My Old China – From the Cockney rhyming slang
‘China Plate – Mate’ – a term of familiarity and endearment eg :- My Old Friend”

My Old China is a small family business run by Gary and Elaine Thomson. In late 2009 we set about collecting old tea and coffee sets for our daughters tea party themed wedding. We have both shared a passion for antiques for many years, and have always collected small pieces of china and glass.

With Elaine’s experience & knowledge from years in China and Glass retail and with Gary leaving the Jewellery & retail trade after many years to pursue a slower pace of life, we saw an opportunity to share the beautiful tea sets we have (so far) collected, with others who enjoy the good British cuppa!

Our collection continues to grow, combining timeless tea time classics with more unusual art deco and fun kitsch pieces, we look forward to bringing our tea party to your wedding or special occasion very soon.

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